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The fabulous fashions of the Doctor Who companions

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Anonymous asked: the dress you used for barmaid!clara is not available in that colour anymore.... would you mind finding similar ones that are still in stock?

It actually still is in stock, but for some reason Polyvore linked to the wrong dress… you can find the actual dress here!

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Anonymous asked: Have you thought of doing Doctor Who inspired Halloween costumes?

Yes I will definitely do some this month!

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Anonymous asked: I just had to say that I am in love with all of your choices here. Amazing!! I am trying to scramble to find a decent, lower end of the plus size scale, dress for my River costume this Halloween. Most of the ones I have found are not in my size or they are out of stock. Any ideas or helpful tips?

Are you looking for a River dress from a specific episode?

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Anonymous asked: do you know of any karen gillan style blogs? for when she isn't playing amy? or would you ever consider doing the actor's clothes?

No I don’t know of any! Though that is an awesome idea for a blog. She has fantastic style!

Does anyone know of a Karen Gillan style blog? Let me know!

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Anonymous asked: I LOVE YOUR BLOG. IT IS EPIC BEYOND BELIEF! I swear, every time I come here, you have some epic new idea or outfit, and I just adore this blog even more each time! And you've turned all of my abstract ideas into epic Doctor Who outfits! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Thank you so much!

And half of these awesome ideas come from you guys! Some of these things I just don’t think of, but you do, and you make it epic!


ALL OF YOU. The Companion Clothes community is awesome :)

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Anonymous asked: Me and a whole bunch of my friends are going full out on character day at our school! We've got all three doctors and almost all the companions! I myself am gonna be Amy and my friend (who is very short) is going to be Amelia! (I know what you're thinking same person, but we call me Amy cause I'm going to be grown up Amy who travels with the doctor and she's going to be Amelia, adorable little girl who bit 3 therapists because the said her Raggied Man wasn't coming back!) We're all very excited!

That sounds so awesome!

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Anonymous asked: i have a cool idea. what if followers submitted photos of themselves dressed like a companion, or inspired by a companion? you could have a whole page and everything xx

I love that idea.

The submit box is now open for anyone interested in doing this.

Show off your awesome Whovian style!

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Anonymous asked: Do you know of any Doctor Who inspired haircuts for teen girls? Preferably something from the Ninth Doctor forward. Thanks!

I can’t say I know much about haircuts.

My suggestion would be to find a character from the show with a haircut you like/think would look flattering on you, and take in a picture of them when you go to get your hair cut!

I can’t say I am an expert on hair, sorry! That’s the best I can do :)

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Anonymous asked: In response to anon looking for Harry Potter outfits, try the wizardwardrobe Tumblr blog.

For whoever was wondering, there you go!

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Anonymous asked: do you know any tumblrs for harry potter outfits?

Sadly I do not!

But as with the question about Merlin outfits, if anyone knows of a good polyvore tumblr that does Harry Potter outfits, let me know and I will spread the word!

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Anonymous asked: since your an awesome dr. who blog and you are so creative, maybe you can help me. i have this normal, about 6 ft high bookshelf that i decided to paint blue. any ideas how it could look like the tardis?


Perhaps paint the sides like the doors of the TARDIS? Or put a sign on the top that says “Police Box” like on the top of the TARDIS.

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Anonymous asked: Do you ever make any outfits "on a budget," so to speak?

I try to keep most of the items that I use in outfits relatively inexpensive, but if you ever want an outfit on a specific budget, just send me a request with what outfit, what gender, and “under $(whatever price)”.

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